Barrel Aged Merlot Blend - 12 oz


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Perfectly aged in a Merlot barrel, our Barrel Aged Merlot Blend is best enjoyed as a sweeter Light or Light/Medium roast. The lively citrus tones are smoothed over with a buttery finish. The aroma is heavenly!

We will custom roast your Barrel Aged Merlot Blend as soon as you place your order - just tell us how you like it! It's the FRESHEST you will ever have your coffee. 

Roast Temp: 530

Bean Temp; 355/365


100% Arabica coffee beans, naturally barrel aged, contains no alcohol. 

Freshness Guarantee:

We at CoffeeIcon™ believe in freshness, especially when it comes to drinking your coffee. By the time you receive your coffee, it will be at the peak of flavor! 


When you choose your coffee for us to custom roast - we will roast it the same day we ship it.

If you order over the weekend, we will roast and ship your coffee the next business day.


Freshness is always guaranteed!  

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