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customer reviews

The customer service here is top notch! Coffee ground and roasted to your specifications, and the manager is very helpful in providing tips on gri ding and roasting so the coffee comes out perfect! They have a forever customer with me!

- Kurt Hoffman

Love this coffee to start my day. Alway comes perfectly roasted for espresso.

- Ryan Griffiths

Excellent coffee. Dark and full bodied. Fully enjoy it.

- Phil Veeneman

Love this roast! So rich and smooth! Look forward to getting out of bed to drink this coffee!

- Abomb3

ABOUT CoffeeIcon

CoffeeIcon was acquired buy the Kidd family in 2021. The Kidds have been serving coffee lovers for over a quarter of a century having built the business on a foundation of love and service. Love for God, love for people and love for coffee, and going beyond to serve the needs of those who may be suffering in one form or another. The founder is the son of a minster, who himself became a minister, serving congregations in Ohio and on the Island of Maui. He also served his community in Mason, Ohio as a councilman,
vice mayor and mayor for 16 years.

Additionally, the Kidds have been actively involved in starting and operating a number of organizations dedicated to serving the less fortunate. One City for Recovery, Exodus, The Milk and Honey Company, The Center for Youth Empowerment and International Student ministries to name a few.

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