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Our motto is Fresh Roasted Coffee & Single Cup SuperStores. Single Cup coffees mean more than just Keurig®. Single Cup is the industry word for making or brewing 1 cup of coffee or tea at a time, rather than a whole pot. Single Cup coffees have become an industry standard and very popular with coffee drinkers, both at work and at home. Single Cup “Pods” have become the leader in the way the world drinks coffee. Once you go to the single cup method, you will never want to go back to "making" a pot of coffee again.

Fresh Roasted Coffee - this means more to us than the average consumer. When we say "fresh roasted" we really mean that. We have jars of unroasted coffees in our stores. The customer gets to pick the coffee bean of their choice, then we roast it to order. We offer many single origins, such as pure grade 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain, 100% Kona from Hawaii, 100% Colombian, Bolivia Blend, Honduras beans and many of our own house blends. You pick the bean you want and we roast it right in front of you! Talk about fresh!


Single Cup Coffees
“Portion Packs”, “Pods” - A.K.A. Single Cups have revolutionized the way we all drink coffee. And today, it is so much more than just coffee. Now it is teas, cocoas, cappuccinos, ciders, lemonades, iced drinks, energy drinks and so much more. CoffeeIcon focuses on selling every single cup portion pack that is available in the USA, all in our stores and online. You can read up on each product to ensure it is compatible with your brewer. Our industry has evolved with other machines that will brew any Single Cup Pod or portion pack available. 


Why Shop with us?
So why should you visit one of our stores to buy your Single Cup Portion Packs? For starters, we let you "try before you buy". This means you can try coffee, tea, cocoa etc from our vast wall of single cup packs and drink right in our stores. This way, if you like them, you can buy the whole box. No one wants to get stuck with buying a whole box of coffee only to find out they don't like it. Also, our trained staff can recommend you multiple flavors to try based on what you like. If you like a French Vanilla, we have a number of varieties of French Vanilla portion packs for you to see. Try any of them while you shop so you can rest assured, you will like that brand.


Our Prices
We beat all grocery stores and all retail stores on prices and selections. Locally, you may find coupons to save even more in our stores. If you don't feel like leaving the house, order from us online at CoffeeIcon.com and we will ship right to your door! With over 400 varieties to choose from for your “Single Cup” brewers, you will love us!



CoffeeIcon is not affiliated with Keurig Green Moutain in anyway, Keurig® and KCup® are a registered trademarks of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

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