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CoffeeIcon™ Fresh Roasted Coffee

Silky Smooth Blend - 12 oz

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True to its name, Silky Smooth brings to life the robust flavors of the morning and leaves behind the smoothest, of tastes. Wake up to a bold, yet exceptionally smooth blend with a subtle, smoky note. Black Silk coffee is just what the fans of Dark-roasted coffee are looking for, and it's the perfect coffee to make true believers out of the non-bold drinkers.

Suggested Roast Temperatures

Roast Temperature: 530

Bean Temperature: 393


100% Arabica coffee, blended.

Freshness Guarantee:

We at CoffeeIcon™ believe in freshness, especially when it comes to drinking your coffee. By the time you receive your coffee, it will be at the peak of flavor! 


When you choose your coffee for us to custom roast - we will roast it the same day we ship it.

If you order over the weekend, we will roast and ship your coffee the next business day.


Freshness is always guaranteed!