Roast Your Coffee

Shop ON Demand - Fresh Roasted Coffees!

Have your coffee roasted exactly how you like it!




Travel the world of coffee with us!

Help us support small micro-lot coffee farmers!

  1. Choose your bean (single origin or one of our blends).
  2. Select your roast.
  3. Choose your grind.
  4. Enjoy your coffee the way YOU want it!


Our Coffee Roasting Philosophy

We at CoffeeIcon believe in freshness, especially when it comes to drinking your coffee. When you choose your coffee for us to custom roast - we will roast it the same day we ship it!

By the time you receive your coffee, it will be at the peak of flavor! 

If you order over the weekend, we will roast and ship your coffee the next business day.

That way your freshness is always guaranteed!